El Patron Tire & Wheel Serving San Antonio , and surrounding areas. New Tires, Wheels, Accessories, Tire Service. Our Services include: Tire repair, high speed computer balancing, installation and wheel repair. With our combined partnered warehouses, we have access to over 50,000 tires on any given day of the week. We carry from all season passenger tires, to lt tires and also a wide selection of m/t tires.

We have access to the latest custom wheels.  


El Patron Tire & Wheel Located at 1802 Culebra Rd. San Antonio, TX 78201. El Patron offers great deals on tires, and tire service. We also Service Surrounding areas in San Antonio, TX. We will gladly assist you in your tire inquiries.For Inquiries related to tires, and tires service feel free to contact us at elpatrontire@gmail.com.

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